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Everyone knows that we live in a big world. We also know and understand that the news (especially video coverage) depends on a video camera and a news crew, but more often today a digital camera or smartphone device. The increase in data being recorded and presented on the Internet is mind-boggling and exponential. The following guide are news providers that offer recorded and live daily or continuous broadcasts. The selected broadcasters have been added because they are verified or are well-known as significant news sources that can be used for sharing in the social media using the Creative Commons Attribution License.

These selections were made because the publishers made their news broadcasts available for an English audience. To see a more extensive list of news sources please see our feeds to search by topic and category; users can also see a more extensive list of news providers from our media lists located on our general website. To have your channel added contact our webmaster for consideration.

Live News Broadcast Providers

*This is a significant resource listing that has been approved in light of critical and otherwise well-known fake news resources stated by the US President in 2018. News sources not included or that were excluded was based on their radical far-right or far-left political positions, some have been included anyway because being objective and fair means knowing both sides of the story and having a firm understanding of the diverse multi-perspective of views that our society holds. The best news is a candid and objective statement of factual events without interpretation; it is far too common that governments, the state and corporations control the news to form a social perspective that is biased.