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"It is very important to have a well-informed understanding of world affairs, current issues, culture and customs with a neutral stance and universal perspective to call yourself a global citizen today."

-Ambassador Col. David J. Wright, Globcal International

International News Media and Public Information

Welcome to the Globcal International News Media WebSite, an Alt-Neutral Non-State Network News source for global citizens and international diplomats. Users can find news releases, articles, blogs, links and our own categorized news source feeds of vetted current daily journalistic news reports and articles searched for using Google News and other international news media sources. All feeds are processed and personalized using FeedBurner by Google.

Please be warned this is the news, please do not turn-off the lights, cover your eyes or turn down the volume; you might embrace it and hate it for learning more than you wanted to know. Knowledge is based on understanding many different perspectives, diversity, nature and our own lives. We are not particularly responsible for some of the stories and reports that may appear on our feeds, believe it or not we are not personally in most of the articles which we share or that appear in these news feeds. All points of view and commentary should be made to the article publishers and authors, not Globcal International.

YouTube Live and Daily News Headlines

Some of the most important headline news stories each day are available for free online via YouTube and their ever growing video distribution empire, highly recommended.

International Google News Feeds

Using WebSub (PubSubHubbub) with FeedBurner our XML feeds render nicely for our ticker feeds at the root of our WebSite or can be subscribed to individually here based on keywords, interests, and a broader source pool. A complete list of feeds is linked in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Please use these feeds for research and to share in the social media using Creative Commons Attribution License, if you see articles or news stories that should not be in our feeds please tell us and we will make every effort to find out how they slipped into the search results and try to determine a way to filter them in the future. See our primary combined feed below.