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Globcal International has maintained and developed literally hundreds of news feeds based on search strings and keyword research allowing our members who are global citizens and goodwill ambassadors get a broader and more focused perspective over different issues and problems we face in the world. Our websites are clearly stated as creative works with a particular focus on 'non-state' globalization, international affairs, cooperation, world ecosystems and indigenous human rights; in 2015 our perspectives became more focused when we made a commitment to become a 'watchdog' organization critical of the United Nations and likewise their supporter involved in the promotion of sustainable development and their Global Goals initiative until 2030, with great interest to eliminate corruption and realign the world based on a merit system that impedes corruption (a philosophy we use in our organization).

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Our news feeds were developed using FeedBurner and Google News for an assortment of research developments and program initiatives conducted by Globcal International, they are all compiled based on authorized and trusted global news and journalistic sources. Throughout our WebSites you can find feeds that have been developed, Globcal International maintains hundreds of feeds specific by location, city, country, events, holidays and even for people in order to find specific news and discover new opportunities.

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Two men facing one another in TV News Station in Nepal.
Ambassador Ram Bahadur Khatri Kshatri, (pictured right) is the founder and news director of Shikhar News in Nepal. Here he is conducting a live broadcast interview with a guest in his studio on Facebook and YouTube for Shikhar News. Shikhar News as of July, 15th 2018 was ranked the 137,000th most popular WebSite in the world by Alexa and is in the top 100 websites in Nepal. Ambassador Khatri Kshatri is one of 13 of Globcal International's Commissioners.

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